About Me
Why Advertising?

Art Direction has always been a passion of mine from the time I was 12 years-old, making my own iron-on T-shirts from designs I made in Microsoft Paint, I knew a creative job was for me. I wasn’t like other kids who wanted to be a doctor or fireman. I wanted to make the world a more beautiful and livable place by inspiring others as I have been inspired. I hope to make the world a better place for others especially for my 3 little girls. I want to impact society through my art.  


Other Random Talents (These Need To Be Experienced In Person)

- I can do voice impressions. To name a few: Stephen Hawking (my best impression), Christopher Walken, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sean Connery.
- I can spontaneously create smoke from my mouth on demand. 
- I can make noises, a lot like Michael Winslow off of Police Academy. Very realistic noises such as a dog bark, cow moo, chicken cluck, chick peep, cricket chirp, and so much more (dial up in the video was fake but the rest is100% me haha).
- I can whistle in at least 6 different ways. 
- I can skateboard a little. My best trick is a Premo Varial.
- I can do some magic tricks that will blow a 5-year-olds mind.
- I can fade and cut my own hair. 
- I can do some pretty cool pen tricks. 
- I can move my eyes independently from each other.
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