About Me
Why Advertising?

Art Direction has always been a passion of mine from the time I was 12 years-old, making my own iron-on T-shirts from designs I made in Microsoft Paint, I knew a creative job was for me. I wasn’t like other kids who wanted to be a doctor or fireman. I wanted to make the world a more beautiful and livable place by inspiring others as I have been inspired. I hope to make the world a better place for others especially for my 3 little girls. I want to impact society through my art.  


Other Random Talents (These Need To Be Experienced In Person)

- I can do voice impressions. To name a few: Stephen Hawking (my best impression), Christopher Walken, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sean Connery.
- I can spontaneously create smoke from my mouth on demand. 
- I can make noises, a lot like Michael Winslow off of Police Academy. Very realistic noises such as a dog bark, cow moo, chicken cluck, chick peep, cricket chirp, and so much more.
- I can whistle in at least 6 different ways. 
- I can skateboard a little. My best trick is a Premo Varial.
- I can do some magic tricks that will blow a 5-year-olds mind.
- I can fade and cut my own hair. 
- I can do some pretty cool pen tricks. 
- I can move my eyes independently from each other.

Ad Lab Project

Vivint Solar// 
David Gordet (Art Director), Mykell Wilson (Account Planner), Tyler Perry (Account Planner), Owen Haglund (Account Planner), Lizzi Perkins (Account Manager), Tessa Kohler (Account Planner), Jordan Larsen (Account Planner), JC Eastwood (Account Planner), Forrest Quinn (Account Planner), Max Jensen (Account Planner), Dallin Hunt (Account Planner), Blake White (Account Planner), Daniel Kelly (Account Planner), Austin Elliott (Account Planner), Michael Cazanave (Account Planner), Cassidy Ward (Account Planner).
David Gordet (Art Director), Russell Nam Pham (Account Planner), Tasha Lye (Account Manager), Jacob Knudsen (Copywriter)
Whole Foods//
David Gordet (Art Director), Abbey Eriksson, McKenzie Weaver (Account Planner), Benjamin Johns (Art Director), Jacob Frazier (Content Creator)
Ocean Spray//
David Gordet (Art Director), Megan Tall (Account Manager), Dilan Maxfield (Account planner) Lorien Pereyra (Copywriter),  Cydne Morgan (Content Creator), Caroline Burke (Content Creator)
David Gordet (Art Director), Nicole Frampton (Art Director), Rachel Findlay (Art Director), Jessica Nugent (Copywriter), Lorien Pereyra (Copy Writer), Michael Hanks (Content Creator)
David Gordet (Art Director), Peter Molnar (Art Director), Parker Kelly (Copywriter)
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